The Sun Sets Behind

by The Pandemic

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    This is the first EP by The Pandemic, we are so excited to be making music and sharing it with you.

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This is the first EP by The Pandemic, we are so excited to be sharing it with you.


released February 23, 2011



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The Pandemic Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: Ghost
I feel you, I can feel you right beside me, that ghost peering over my shoulder, that someone I don't want to know. I hear you, I can hear you breathing down my neck. I rather have this end. Please ghost go back to bed. Here is a message, directly from me to you, you know by now, exactly what you got to do. I promise to leave if you promise to stay. A haunting is easy if you go haunt this way. You'll get exactly what you deserve. Don't follow me home. Please keep my thoughts, safe at your side, giving them life, I'm inside your mind. This ghost needs a place to hide. Disappear, disappear but your here. Disappear, disappear oh no dear. My shadows not the one that I know. Don't follow me, don't follow me, follow me, follow follow me away. This way I have someone to lean on. But why is it you?
Track Name: A Deep River
Somehow I feel this is problematic, and I can't help feel like I'm involved. Let's make an angry face and pretend like I don't care. It's resolved, it's resolved just think about me. My heart is in my head, my mind is in my chest. Stomach is coming up through my throat, I'm breathing water in through my nose. Even though I'm feeling helpless, hopeless, abandoned, press on, press on, press on, press on regardless. This is the first time, that I ever felt this way, she knows, she knows, she knows that I'll always wait. Keep my thoughts in your hands, and the love in your heart, when you find yourself we can make a restart. Even though I'm treading water upside down I'm still kicking, is it not better to try than just stop? I've seen her smile and I know. I've seen her dance and I know. I've seen her love and I know. I loved her and she knows what love is. Maybe we'll find air at the bottom of this river.
Track Name: Lilith
I built a home, with so many walls. Packed them full of secrets then I broke them all. Now I'm exposed and everyone can see what's really going on inside of me. My thoughts are running wild, having dreams about this child. Now the future, seems so far away. Why can't today become yesterday? Please come back inside. Demons like me use the dark to hide. As the sun sets behind, we believe we are safe in our dreams, as the sun sets behind. I miss my home without any walls. Roof over my head but I think it's gonna fall. But now I realize I don't need anyone in my life. I don't need anyone but myself. But myself could use somebody else. Please come back inside. Demons like me have been romanticized. This could be just what we need and this could be what you mean. It's what we need. I rather die in love than live alone. Lilith come take me away. Demons like me have been fictionalized.
Track Name: 8 Hours
Sometimes it's hard to separate reality from a dream, not as easy as it seems. Painted images plastered on the walls of our minds, now we're losing time. The walls are coming down, nature is burning down, our earth mother, she is crying now. Crying shame the things we do for fame in this world, where everyone is fake. With metal inside your bone and silicone injected into your soul, do you know who you are? We love the potential in something artificial. We love the aesthetic of something so electric. We love not needing one another. We love these objects my celluloid brother. Tabloids and magazines. Videos and movie scenes. Commercials on the TV. Faces telling you and me exactly who to be. With metal inside your bone and silicone injected into your soul, do you know who you are? Do you know what you are? Do you know what we are? Turn off the lights and please close the door, we're not part of nature anymore, eight hours of sleep is something that I need. If this is reality I rather be asleep.